Multi-room audio system installation, Hertfordshire


Mr and Mrs Low based in Hertfordshire, contacted us after seeing our website and explained that a complete refurbishment project was to be undertaken and that they were exploring the options for multi-room audio systems. We spent time discussing the options available and how these different options would change how a person interacts with the system and the different music options available. The client settled on a NuVo multi-room audio system which included complete integration and synchronisation with their existing iTunes music library, located on a home computer. In addition a dedicated NuVo FM/DAB dual tuner radio was installed. To ensure a successful delivery we were asked to design the cabling infrastructure and manage the installation working closely with the elected building contractor. System design plans were prepared and we discussed the cabling infrastructure with the project electricians to ensure this critical first phase was completed.

After a little while we were asked to expand our involvement in the project to supply and commission additional equipment to provide a centralised Digital TV system. We installed 3 SkyHD boxes for multi room SkyHD TV content alongside the audio system into a central wiring closet. Control of the SkyHD boxes was available from the viewing rooms and as the Sky boxes were hidden in the wiring closet no local cabinets were required locally in the rooms. Finally we added Apple TV to the system closet with access to local and Internet based movie content.

A demonstration of the system was provided and the project completed.

Outline of services provided:

  • Terminate the BT points and setup the BT Broadband service

  • Terminate and install the ceiling speakers throughout the property

  • Install Cabinets housing the NuVo system, SkyHD, Blu-Ray Player and AppleTV

  • Terminate the Cat5e cabling to provision the home network and test.

  • Install the NuVo wall mounted control pads.

  • Connect, upgrade and commission the SkyHD boxes.

  • Complete the final settings on the NuVo system, complete the initial synchronisation of the music library to the NuVo server and perform a full system test.

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