Multi-Room Audio & Digital TV Distribution (Hertfordshire)


This is a recently completed project which included a NuVo Essentia-G system and SkyHD.

We spent several weeks discussing with our client the most appropriate audio system for their renovation project in Radlett; after our discussions the client settled on the NuVo Essentia-G multi room audio system which included complete integration with their existing iTunes music library.  The client also wanted a dedicated FM/DAB radio capability and asked us to manage the installation of all equipment into a new central wiring closet area. After a little while we were asked to expand our involvement in the project to supply an additional equipment cabinet to house 3 SkyHD boxes for multi room SkyHD TV content. We worked closely with the electrical sub-contractor and the building company to ensure a successfull project.

When working with sub-contract team members it is key to ensure that clear professional diagrams are provided and all aspects of the cabling are clearly explained to the electricians.  We liaised directly with the electrical sub-contractor regarding the cabling requirements for the project and ensured that additional cable runs were provided for contingency; a factor that proved invaluable as two cable runs had been damaged during the build which would have been a major issue had we not insisted on spare capacity. Speaker cabling was supplied and the electrical sub-contractor, working from our diagrams, installed all necessary infrastructure for the audio and multi room TV requirements.

The speaker locations were discussed with the client and the cut-out templates provided to allow the ceiling holes to be cut at a suitable point in the project. HD TV content was to be distributed to 3 TV locations in the home, cabling for this was also installed.

Once the site was secure and the alarm system operational we attended site to install the system and configure the music server integration.  We had to complete the following activities:

  • Terminate the BT points and setup the BT Broadband service.

  • Terminate and install the ceiling speakers throughout the property

  • Install Cabinet 1 – containing the NuVo system; this had been commissioned offsite

  • Terminate the Cat5e cabling to provision the home network and test. This cabling was terminated to a Cat5e patch panel in cabinet 1.

  • Install the NuVo wall mounted control pads.

  • Connect, upgrade and commission the SkyHD boxes.

  • Complete the final settings on the NuVo system and perform a full system test.

We setup the BT broadband service and tested the iTunes connectivity to the Internet; once completed the iTunes library, resident on a local PC, was synchronised with the NuVo MPS4 Music Server and Radio presets configured to the client’s specification.

Cabling for satellite services had been routed from the roof to the wiring closet and the SkyHD boxes were connected and commissioned.

A demonstration of the system was provided and the project completed.

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