Home Cinema systems combine elements of audio and visual in-home technology to create an experience close to that of a professional movie cinema.


The experience you want is dependent on your exacting requirements and this can range from a simple surround experience in your main viewing room, right through to a true professionally installed and dedicated room, wired with multiple speakers, Blu-Ray or DVD player and potentially a Media Server attached to a high definition TV or projection screen.

Achieving that true cinema experience, where you feel right in the centre of the action, requires close attention to the components that make up the sound system. Here at ‘Your Digital Home’ we design audio visual systems using the very best products in the market and more importantly, components that will provide you with the best sound for your environment. This does not mean you need to spend the earth for a high-quality high performance system either.



We are happy to discuss your requirements with you at any time and can provide you with a service from the whole project or discuss with you where you believe you need assistance.