Your Digital Home are now using the iDock Docking Station

The iDock Docking Station is the best solution for safe and stylish storage of the Apple iPad®. By using the special iDock Docking Station Back Box the iDock Docking Station can be wall flush-mounted so the iPad can be fully integrated into a total room design and, using the wireless capabilities of iPad, Your Digital Home are able to design and implement a home control solution for your home.

The iPad is an extremely popular device so it is the ideal platform on which to add control software to enable you to take control of your home. We are able to control Audio, TV, Satellite, Cinema, CCTV, Lighting, Security and much more using the iPad as the perfect hand held or in-wall control device when used with an integrated control system.

For easy removal of the Apple iPad® the user can initiate extend (tilt angle 20°) of the iPad® Slot by activating an invisible proximity sensor. Now it’s easy to remove the Apple iPad®.

The iPad® Slot remains in remove-position for 10 seconds – after which the slot is automatically closed. In case of slot-mechanism overload the iPad® slot automatically drives to remove-position to avoid injury and damage to the equipment.

In the case of failure of the power supply, the iPad ® receiving slot opens to guarantee a removal of the iPad ®, even when no voltage is supplied.



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We are happy to sell this device to you directly should you simply want a perfect in-wall iPad docking solution that will charge your device and keeps it handy for use.