What do we mean by ‘Intelligent lighting’?


Compared with a conventional lighting system, a system where every light has a manual switch or dimmer that you must operate directly, ‘Intelligent lighting’ can be as simple as automating a single light, so that it can be controlled by a remote control device or timer

All the way through to a lighting system that allows your lights to be programmed as a scene or for a particular mood, lighting that can be controlled automatically or detect your presence in a room (often used for power conservation), lighting that can be operated from your mobile phone or over the internet and lights that are linked to your home cinema system, your security system or both.


As you can see lighting in your home can be as simple or as sophisticated as you wish; it’s simply a matter of requirements, design and budget.


Modern systems can also provide a saving when compared with conventional lighting installations; lights can turn off or dim to a low level when the room is unoccupied. Dimming of lights in modern systems saves power, when compared to conventional dimmers switches that simply convert the electricity to heat in the switch when the light is dimmed, so you use the same amount of electricity irrespective of the wall dimmer setting being set to 100% or to 10% in your old switch!

Modern, intelligent lighting systems can transform your home, inside and out, with lighting scenes for every type of occasion. Enjoy your garden in the evening by highlighting a favourite tree or garden feature or improve house security by adding exterior lighting linked to a security system.


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