Multi-Room Entertainment can fall broadly into two categories:

Multi-room audio OR Video distribution


Multi-room audio

With multi-room audio for instance, you can choose the level of sophistication, depending on what you wish to achieve, from a simple to install Sonos system, that will distribute your audio from your iTunes library, or streaming music services like Spotify, to individual Sonos amplifiers or integrated systems.

Or you can specify a sophisticated, centrally located system, such as NuVo, which allows you to distribute many varied audio sources (CD, Radio, MP3 player, iTunes music, Satellite receiver audio) to any room around your house, all controllable from in-wall touch pads, programmable remote controls and even mobile devices, such as an iPhone.



Video distribution

It’s your choice. You can simply enhance the distribution of existing video sources, such as your Sky HD receiver, to multiple rooms and allow control from any room.

Or watch any source in any room with a sophisticated distribution and switching solution, capable of directing any High Definition video signal (HD up to 1080p) via HDMI to multiple rooms.


Right through to an inspirational ‘whole house’ automated control system, like RTI, HAI or Crestron, integrating Intelligent Lighting systems into your Audio/Visual experience and setting the scene for your chosen activity taking into account the time of day, even closing the curtains and dimming the lights ready for you to start enjoying your movie time. All from one button press!

With our expertise, you can make your house future-ready for existing and future video streaming services. Rent online HD movies and play catchup with your favourite TV programs on the BBC iPlayer.


It’s showtime, when you want it to be!

Whatever your requirements we are here to help you and to take the pain out of designing and installing your smart multi-room system, with a full installation service that will ensure you are left with a discreet and high performance solution.