What is ‘Smart Home’?

Home Automation or ‘Smart Technology’

Smart technology isn’t just about the latest gadgets or the most expensive sound system. Home automation technology integrates with your existing systems to give you ease of use and exceptional results with just the click of a button. Smart technology is also bespoke – there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Audio and visual installation, security and home networks are different in each and every home.

 Here are some of the many elements available, that go towards making an integrated Home Automation system:

Energy management

Let your Home Automation system look after your heating bills and the planet, use energy responsibly and intelligently. For instance, use occupancy sensors both for heat control (turn down the heat in an unused room) and to turn the lights on and off where needed.




Watch a movie, turn down the lights and close the blinds, all with the same button. A professionally installed home theatre that can replicate the experience of going to the movies, even down to the seating.

Security and notification

A fully integrated alarm system can let you know if a sensor has been tripped, and where, it can also put the lighting system into ‘away mode’, which will simulate someone being at home.



Access control

Allow your cleaner entry to the house at a specific time with a keycode and never get locked out again, give ‘one-time only’ keycodes to tradesmen and log entry into your house.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras can keep an eye on the inside of your home while you’re away and your outside of your home when you’re in. A solution for total peace of mind.



Vehicle detection

Have your driveway lights come on automatically when you arrive home at night. We can install a specialised sensor, that integrates with your HAI system, which is only activated when a car approaches. The HAI system can be programmed to turn on your chosen lighting, your porch and hall lights for example.

Internet access and control

Perform all of your household control functions, remotely, from a mobile device or internet connected computer. Monitor activity and set comfort levels if you’ve been abroad.



Lighting and blind/curtain control

Automatically close all your curtains at sunset when your alarm is on and open them again in the dawn. Link to any system installed as part of your home automation solution and intelligently control based on your activity. For example, lowering the screen on your cinema projector automatically closes your curtains.


Programmable zones and wireless thermostats allow you complete control over your heating, giving you centralised management of individual rooms and comprehensive intelligent automation.




Automatically cater for different weather conditions and water only when needed or whilst you are away.

Holiday home control

Control all of the above or select just a few required services. Turn on the heating in your holiday home a few hours before you arrive. Make your bolt hole look more lived in. Give access to a friend for a weekend with a timed keycode and put your heating into frost protect when they leave.